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The DCO process is now open for registration for representation at the hearings.

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‘The New Economics Foundation has today released a critical report soundly challenging the Economic and Employment claims of the industry... 

This is the first comprehensive analysis of the economic costs and benefits of the UK air travel sector since the government published the Aviation Policy Framework a decade ago. It was peer-reviewed by the respected economist John Siraut, and casts doubt on many of the aviation industry’s key claims.

The report is published HERE

GACC is challenging the quality of Gatwick’s consultation

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Gatwick Airports public consultation which was launched on the 9th September has now closed.

But we're keeping the details of their plans to bring its standby runway, just north of the main runway, into routine use on our website as a point of reference together with the details of our own responses.

To achieve their plans the existing runway will be widened to the north by 12 metres and the centre line will be realignedThis then complies with international safety requirements.

Due to the size of the proposal, which takes annual passenger numbers to 76 million and aircraft movements to 386,000, it is classed as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.  This is a massive increase from the 2019 figures of 49 million passengers and 283,000 flights.

Gatwick will therefore have to apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to build and operate the altered runway. 

The current consultation, which closes on 1st December, 2021, is not the DCO application itself.  That is likely to be in 2022.

But it will be the only opportunity for the public to have a direct say on Gatwick’s expansion plans.

Gatwick hopes to get consent to start the first stages of the runway development process by 2023, starting actual building work in 2024, with the runway finished and operating by 2029.  When fully operational this project alone will allow up to 60,000 more flights per year than in 2019.

In addition Gatwick intends to operate another 40,000 annual flights by making greater use of its main runway. That does not require any planning consent.

Combined these expansion plans mean an overall increase of well over 100,000 flights per year, nearly 40% more than in 2019. 

In their consultation Gatwick have made some unverified and extravagant claims about numbers of new jobs and local economic benefit.

If Gatwick are successful, the result will be devastating. More noise, more air pollution and even greater pressure on the already overstretched road and rail infrastructure. Critically, the expansion could add another one or two million tonnes of CO2 per year - which can make no sense at a time when the impacts of global warming are becoming all too evident.

The next stage will be for Gatwick to apply to the Planning Inspectorate for a DCO. First GAL will now need to review the responses (reported by Gatwick to be in their thousands) and adjust its proposals where they see fit. They will then submit their application to the Planning Inspectorate as part of the process. At present Gatwick advise this will be towards the end of 2022. The submission will contain a Consultation Report which should include the results of the consultation. When we get nearer to the submission we will give more information on what to expect next including registration to appear at any public examination.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a response to the consultation. Gatwick have in a recent press release indicated that they received thousands of responses and many of those will be yours. Thank you again for taking part.

Feedback shows that all the principal authorities around the airport oppose Gatwick Airport's plans to bring its emergency runway into full use.


The GACC Consultation Response, November 2021


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This is Gatwick's original consultation document

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