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Public Examination begins !

The Examination in Public commences with the Preliminary meetings on the 27th Feb. This is where we challenge any technical concerns we have about the procedure to be followed in the hearings rather than discussion about the application itself. Our challenges to the procdure are detailed HERE.

The hearing itself becomes more active from the 28th Feb through to 6th March with presentations on a number of subjects.

Our feeling is that this period will be a fact finding process which will lead to more detailed examination sessions in the future programme upto the end of August.

There’s been a change in the Planning Inspectorates website as detailed below. 

The Planning Inspectorate’s webpage for the Gatwick Airport Northern Runway Project will be moved entirely over to the new BETA service on 15 February 2024. This means that the appearance of the ‘Overview’ tab will be more consistent with the tabs on the BETA project webpage, and that information on the current ‘Overview’ tab may be presented in a different way.

The link to the website stays the same and leads you to a further link into the new website.

Gatwick Airport Northern Runway

So far we haven’t run into any problems with this change but its only just happened !

Once the sessions get under way we will run a regular Zoom session where we’ll update subscibers on the previous weeks hearings. In the planning stage but we’ll let everyone know as soon as its scheduled.

Most important of course is the rally planned by all the community groups around Gatwick on the opening day, Wed 28th Feb at the Signature Sandeman Hotel where the hearings are held.

The Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign seeks to protect and improve the environment in the area affected by Gatwick Airport’s operations with particular regard to noise, congestion, air quality and light pollution.  
It also seeks to diminish any wider environmental impact of the operations of the airport, and the activities it facilitates, including climate change impacts

Aircraft noise

Aircraft noise affects tens of thousands of people around Gatwick.  Follow this link to find out what GACC is doing about it and how to complain...


Climate change

The CO2 emissions and climate impact on air travel are huge.There are no realistic ways to cut that impact if aviation continues to grow


Gatwick expansion

GACC is opposed to expansion at Gatwick...


Gatwick's local impacts

Gatwick increases rail and road congestion, causes air and light pollution, and is a high risk source of employment...


The true cost of flying

With no VAT or fuel duty, Gatwick is not required to pay for the negative impacts of CO2 and Noise...


Take action!

Keep updated on what is going on and about individual actions you can take such as changing your travel habits




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