Noise and How to Complain

Noise generated by aircraft using Gatwick has significant impacts on the health and well being of people in local communities and under flight paths, and has been a major focus of GACC’s campaigning efforts for decades.

Over time, the noise generated by individual aircraft has reduced as engine and airframe technology has improved. The impacts of aircraft noise can also be reduced by better flying techniques, such as continuous descent and climb.

However, these are very slow processes and are often outweighed by increases in the number of aircraft as Gatwick has grown. Since 2010 the noise environment at Gatwick has deteriorated: far more people now regard themselves as impacted by aircraft noise than was the case historically and people are forced to endure many more flights than they did then. Local communities have therefore suffered from Gatwick’s expansion while the airport has benefitted, reaping £bns for its shareholders. 

If Gatwick was permitted to expand in the way proposed in its Master Plan aircraft noise, and the significant adverse health impacts noise causes, would increase substantially.

If you want to know more about air traffic and flight paths in your area there's some detailed information here... Noise and Flight Paths

GACC is actively campaigning on noise issues including by:
  • seeking far better regulation of aircraft noise and the impacts it causes;

  • monitoring aircraft noise around Gatwick and proposing ways in which it could be reduced and better managed;
  • holding the airport to account for the delivery of the commitments in its Noise Action Plan; and
  • working with other community and environmental groups nationally to share campaigning lessons and to speak with a single voice on matters of common concern.

We represent community and environmental groups on Gatwick’s statutory Consultative Committee, GATCOM, and its Executive Noise Management Board and regularly engage with other groups and residents on the activities of those bodies.

How to Complain

Report noise complaints by 

  1. Automated Telephone: 01293 311568

  2. By completing an online form:

  3. By post (you'll need a stamp) to: 
    Flight Performance Team
    Gatwick Airport Ltd
    7th floor, Destinations Place
    Gatwick Airport
    West Sussex RH6 0NP

  4. Through WebTrak, the online flight tracker

Don't be fobbed off!

Whatever method you choose be sure to make it clear that yours is not an enquiry; it is a complaint and you expect a response.

If you find that you are disturbed often, write to your local council and your MP so that they are aware but take care not to pester them – it is not their fault but you want them to make representations on your behalf.  (Find your MP)  Please copy such correspondence to GACC.

The airport will reply to your first few complaints saying, in our view,falsely, that they are doing everything possible to minimise noise nuisance.  Do not be put off by the fact that nothing is done – at least your complaints will be counted and will serve to demonstrate to the Government that there is a problem.

Finally, a word of advice.  Many people are suffering frequent noise disturbance and feel inclined to complain many times a day to vent their feelings.  That is fine if you find it helpful but please do not feel obliged to do so.  The noise is damaging your quality of life enough already without wasting too much time complaining.



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