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This is basic text that people can use, ideally expressed in their own words, for their consultation responses,  if they do not want to give answers to the whole Gatwick questionnaire

We strongly oppose Gatwick’s proposed expansion and any growth at Gatwick.

The airport has failed to demonstrate that there is a need for additional airport capacity that is consistent with government policy as set out in the Airport’s National Policy Statement. 

The government’s climate change advisers have made clear that there is no case for additional airport capacity in the UK and that any net expansion would have unacceptable climate change impacts. 

Expansion at Gatwick would increase the airport’s CO2 emissions by nearly 50%.  Emissions from Gatwick alone would grow from less than 1% to over 5.5% of total UK emissions.  An increase in emissions of this scale would have a material impact on the UK’s ability to meet its carbon reduction targets and is therefore inconsistent with government policy. The airport has no credible plans to mitigate these emissions because credible low carbon technologies do not currently exist for commercial aviation.  Gatwick has also failed to assess or quantify the non-greenhouse gas effects of its proposed growth, and must do so based on best available scientific evidence.  It must also monetise and report its emissions using latest government figures. 

Expansion at Gatwick would have devastating consequences for local communities and people under flight paths: there would be more noise, more road and rail congestion, worse air quality and properties under flight paths would be devalued.

Gatwick’s analysis of the noise impacts of its proposed expansion is deliberately misleading. Its noise envelope proposals are inconsistent with CAA guidance and unacceptable.  They propose inappropriate metrics and limits, do not comply with government policy, lack adequate enforcement arrangements and have been put forward without stakeholder discussion, in contrast to the approach taken by other airports. 

The airport’s proposals in each of these respects are unacceptable. 

There should be no expansion at Gatwick. 



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