Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign


GACC is publishing a number of research studies on the runway issue. The press releases give a useful summary of each document.

 1.  Ambient Noise.  A study of the importance of taking background noise into account when assessing the number of people likely to be affected by noise from a new runway. Read research study.  And press release.

2.  Paying for a new Gatwick Runway.  A new runway would mean 100% increase in airport charges.  And that may cause some airlines to move to Stansted or Luton.  Read research study and press release.

3. Gatwick Airport and Tax.  Shows how Gatwick earns large profits but pays no corporation tax.  Read research study and press release.

4. Climate Change and a New Runway.  The Agreement reached in Paris in December 2015 by all nations rules out any new runway at either Gatwick or Heathrow. Read research study and press release.

5. Crawley Urbanisation.  How Crawley has grown over the years, the problems facing the town now, and how they would be made worse by a new runway.  Read research study and press release.

6 Gatwick Landscape.  Describes the unrecognised ecological value of the land that would be bulldozed to construct a second runway.  Read research study and press release.

7. Rail InfrastructureAnalyses the massive engineering works that would be necessary to enable the line from Gatwick to London to cope with the increase in rail passengers when a two-runway Gatwick reached full capacity.  Read research study.

8. Road infrastructure.  Shows that to cope with Gatwick at full capacity could mean widening the M23 and M25, extending the M23 into central London, and building an outer orbital new motorway.  Read research study.

Read press release showing that rail and road together could well mean a total infrastructure cost of £6 billion, compared to under £1 billion suggested by Gatwick Airport.

Heritage and countryside.  GACC has co-operated with CPRE, the Woodland Trust and CAGNE (Communities against Gatwick Noise and Emissions) to produce a study of the 17 listed buildings that would be demolished by a second Gatwick runway and the impact on countryside.  Read research study.

9.  Wrong Place.   Expansion at Gatwick would add to passengers' mileage and cost, and would mean more CO2 emissions.  Read research study.  Read research study, and press release.

10. Ancient Woodland.   An expert assessment of the value of the irreplaceable ancient woodland under threat. Beautiful illustrations.  Read research study.

11. New Flight Paths with a Second Runway.    A clear description of the impact of the potential new flight paths, or the doubling of aircraft numbers on existing routes.  Read the research study.

CAGNE have also produced a similar report. CAGNE report.

Air QualityCAGNE have has also published a research study on Gatwick air quality.  A new runway would mean that over 50,000 people would suffer worse air quality, more than would be affected by a new runway at Heathrow.  Contact cagnegatwick@gmail.com