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Here's our suggestions on how to respond to the Draft Master Plan consultation

Gatwick's Subterfuge or a Runway by any other name

Gatwick today published their draft Master Plan which included details of the proposal for utilising the emergency northern runway as a full operational runway. See our Press Release below.


18th October, 2018

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GACC issues its response to the Draft Revised National Planning Statement.

Aviation Strategy
GACC tells Government what needs to change.  Read more.

Night flights - Government decision, and GACC reaction

See here.

Runway consultation

GACC tells Civil Aviation Authority that it should insist on full compensation for all those affected by any new flight path,  Read more.


GACC joins delegation to No10 to demand action to cut aircraft noise. 


Runway consultation

GACC response submitted 18 May.


Airspace Consultation

GACC response submitted 28 March.


The Transport Select Committee is examining the Airports National Policy Statement (on the proposed third runway at Heathrow).  This is part of the planning process, but has all been put on hold because of the dissolution of Parliament.

GACC has submitted a short note re-emphasising all the disadvantages of a second runway at Gatwick.  It has been published by the committee -  submission

Ban all night flights by 2030, and cut the noise at night 

GACC responds to consultation.  Read our response.

The Government announcement, due in April, has got delayed.

Government decides no second runway at Gatwick

GACC expresses relief but huge sympathy for those adversely affected.  See press release.


GACC research studies published on

  • New Flight Paths
  • Ancient Woodland
  • Wrong Place
  • Heritage and Countryside
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Crawley Urbanisation
  • Gatwick Landscape
  • Climate Change and a New Runway;
  • Paying for a New Gatwick Runway;
  • Gatwick and Tax; and
  • Ambient Noise

 - see Research Studies.

MPs warn of increased pollution risks with second runway. Read more.

Guide to Gatwick Environmental Groups.  Here.


 Subsidies for aviation

See note




APD is only one third

of the tax lost.

Air passenger duty

Treasury statement:

"The aviation companies .... already pay no tax on the fuel used in international flights, no VAT on international flights and unlike in many other countries, no VAT on domestic flights. The Government has also helped them by cutting corporation tax rate to 20% - the lowest in the G20 (group of leading world economies) - saving businesses £9.5 billion a year from 2016."

10 June 2015

GACC's response to the consultation on the future of air passenger duty.  Response

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