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Heathrow decision

GACC expresses relief but huge sympathy for those adversely affected.  See press release.


Lies and half-truths

An open letter sent by Gatwick Airport to all MPs has been examined by GACC.  Read lies and half-truths.


The Case against  a second Gatwick runway Restated

A briefing note setting out the case against a second runway has been sent to all 650 MPs.  Read briefing note.


Infrastructure Studies criticised

A study showing the amount of new infrastructure required by 2050 if second Gatwick runway is built has been severely criticised by GACC.  See note for councillors.


Obscene bonus denounced

GACC has expressed shock at the report in the Sunday Times (11 September that Gatwick boss, Stewart Wingate, is in line to get a £5 million bonus if the second runway plan gets the go-ahead.  Press release.

Runway decision expected October

A decision by the Government on whether a new runway is to be built at Heathrow or at Gatwick is expected to be announced in the Parliamentary session starting 10 October.



GACC has written to Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, to warn him that if the Government were to decide on a new runway at Gatwick for reasons of 'political expediency', we would consider seeking judicial review.  This is based on advice from senior barrister John Steel QC.   See letter.

GACC's press release sets out other potential grounds on which a legal challenge could be mounted.  Press release.


GACC research studies published on

  • New Flight Paths
  • Ancient Woodland
  • Wrong Place
  • Heritage and Countryside
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Crawley Urbanisation
  • Gatwick Landscape
  • Climate Change and a New Runway;
  • Paying for a New Gatwick Runway;
  • Gatwick and Tax; and
  • Ambient Noise

 - see Research Studies.

MPs warn of increased pollution risks with second runway. Read more.

Arrivals Review:  GACC response published.

Infrastructure cost comparison misleading - go to the runway issue

Night flight shock see press release

Guide to Gatwick Environmental Groups.  Here.


GACC end July newsletter gives situation on

  • Runway postponed
  • Crucial air quality analysis
  • New Government policies
  • Night flights
  • Revised route 4

Read more



GACC Response to the Airports Commission

See The runway issue

 Subsidies for aviation

See note




APD is only one third

of the tax lost.

Air passenger duty

Treasury statement:

"The aviation companies .... already pay no tax on the fuel used in international flights, no VAT on international flights and unlike in many other countries, no VAT on domestic flights. The Government has also helped them by cutting corporation tax rate to 20% - the lowest in the G20 (group of leading world economies) - saving businesses £9.5 billion a year from 2016."

10 June 2015

GACC's response to the consultation on the future of air passenger duty.  Response

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