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Historic houses under threat

17 Listed buildings, including 5 listed grade 2*, would be demolished.  This is more than at any time since WWII, and far more than in the case of HS2.

Towns surrounding Gatwick under threat

All the local towns would suffer severe traffic jams.  30,000 – 45,000 new houses would be needed if a new runway is built at Gatwick.  Much of Surrey is designated as Green Belt but this is already under threat where planning policies are under review.   In Sussex, Crawley and Horsham are already having difficulty finding sites for a few thousand houses to meet current demand. A new runway would lead to widespread urbanisation, serious pressure on schools and hospitals, and the loss of much dearly-loved countryside.  

Villages surrounding Gatwick under threat

The historic villages around Gatwick, thanks to strict planning policies, are attractive and unspoilt and surrounded bywoods and fields. All the land to the north of the airport is designated as Green Belt where development is prohibited. There are three nationally designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) within 15 miles of the airport, and they almost encircle the airport on west, north and east.

Countryside surrounding Gatwick under threat

Rolling hills, lush green woodland, meandering rivers and flowery meadows make the Surrey and Sussex countryside arround Gatwick some of the most beautiful in Britain. Here is a collection of photos of just some of the lovely spots who’s peace and tranquily is under threat from any new development at Gatwick Airport.


Listed buildings under threat

Charlwood has over 80 listed buildings which would have been seriously affected by a runway north of Gatwick - now ruled  out.  A selection of photos is given below.
For futher details see English Heritage web site.

Dormer Cottage

MPs speak out against second runway

Five Members of Parliament were on the platform, and three more sent messages of support, at a mass protest meeting on Saturday 22 November 2014 organised by the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC).   That is all the MPs from around Gatwick, and helps to disprove the assumption in some national newspapers that Gatwick would politically be the easiest option for a new runway.

West Sussex County Council vote against runway

The photos below show campaigners outside a meeting of the WSCC at which members voted to oppose a second Gatwick runway.

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