How to complain about noise

It is important that you complain if you are annoyed by aircraft to or from Gatwick.  Otherwise the airport will get away with suggesting that Gatwick is surrounded by empty fields and only a few people who are undisturbed by aircraft.  There are three ways to complain

1. Freephone 0800 393 070.  This is an answer-phone number and you will be asked for your contact details and details of the flight (exact time of day) that has caused you disturbance.

2. email .  Again you should provide your name, address and details of the flight (exact time of day).

3. Web site flight tracker at  This flight tracking chart shows flights over the past six months up to the present (with a twenty minute delay).  So if you enter the date and time of the event in the top left hand corner and your own location a little further down the left hand panel you will be able to identify the aircraft concerned.  Click on the icon of that aircraft and a facility to make a complaint “Make a noise enquiry about this aircraft.”  will open just above the flight details in the panel.

Don't be fobbed off !

Whatever method you choose be sure to make it clear that yours is not an enquiry; it is a complaint and you expect a response.

If you find that you are disturbed often, write to your local council and your MP so that they are aware but take care not to pester them – it is not their fault but you want them to make representations on your behalf.  (Find your MP)  Please copy such correspondence to GACC.

The airport will reply to your first few complaints saying, falsely, that they are doing everything possible to minimise noise nuisance.  Do not be put off by the fact that nothing is done – at least your complaints will be counted and will serve to demonstrate to the Government that there is a problem.

Scandalously, the airport has started to fiddle the figures by only counting one complaint a day from each household (except in the case of option 3 above where each complaint is counted automatically).  GACC has drawn attention to this and is pressing for all complaints to be counted.

Finally, a word of advice.  Many people are suffering frequent noise disturbance and feel inclined to phone or email many times a day to vent their feelings.  That is fine if you find it helpful but please do not feel obliged to do so.  The noise is damaging your quality of life enough already without wasting too much time on the telephone or computer noise line.

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