Aviation Policy

GACC made a significant contribution to the formulation of the Government's new aviation policy.  


When a delegation from GACC met the Minister for Aviation, Theresa Villiers, in April 2011 she told us that the Department for Transport (DfT) wished to hear a strong view from environmental groups, and that they were looking for ‘evidence-based responses’.   GACC therefore submitted a full response  backed up by 11 ‘GACC Evidence Papers’. 


The Draft White Paper in March 2012 did contain a number of the policies proposed by GACC but in the end, as a result of lobbying by the aviation industry, the final Aviation Policy Framework White Paper was weak, toothless and verbose.  See 'The Environment'.


with a check list of 47 policies we wished to see in the new white paper.

Airports Commission

Appraisal                                         response.

Aviation Policy Framework.             Aviation Policy]   

                                                        GACC response


Future Air Space Strategy, 2010     GACC response.

Civil Aviation Bill, 2005.                   GACC amendments

Climate Change –                           Gatwick – Wrecking Climate Change Targets 2007

                                                 Fly Now, Grieve Later  2005

Economics -                                    Oxford Economics

Competition Commission - 

GACC comments on proposal to sell Gatwick –

                                                        May 2008

                                                        January 2009

Complaints -                             elderly lady arrested for annoying airport.

Conservative Party policy.               GACC response May  2007

Council debates 2013-4                  council debates.

Forecasts                                         Fallible Forecasts  2007

                                                         Further Fallible Forecasts 2009

GACC newsletters –                        Jan 2008    May 2008      Sept. 2008

                                                         Jan 2009   June 2009      Oct 2009

                                                         March 2010           Sept  2010

                                                         May 2011    Sept 2011

                                                         April 2013        July 2013

Flooding                                         Paper by Jeremy Early

Noise                                                Approach Noise February 2011

Oil near Gatwick                                press release.

Planning applications -                     A380 / runway widening

                                                         Aircraft museum  March 2011

                                                         North Terminal extension  

Regulatory Framework.                    Response to DfT consultation. March 2010

Seminar October 2013                     Seminar report .

Taxation                                            Hidden Cost of Flying 2003

Transport Select Committee.           Evidence December 2012. 

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